HCX Style Guide: The Rock Solid Girls

Here at HCX we are not afraid to get our hands dirty - and this is exactly what our HCX Rock Solid Squad did on Saturday 19th March.

In true Rock Solid spirit, our team climbed over hay bales, jumped over muddy puddles, swam through freezing lakes and got completely covered in mud!

So this week, to appreciate their achievement of completing the 10km race and fundraising for CoppaFeel!, we thought we’d share a few photos of the most stylish girls in the swamp and their favourite mud based poducts!

Georgina Dorr : We love her mud streaked look, the copper toned foundation creates excellent contours.

Nicole Noordhoek: We swear by this all over muddy cleanse. A great exfoliator, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Liv Gale: This clay tan acts as a natural bronzer; perfect to achieve rusty sun kissed skin.

Charlotte Clark: This clay spray acts as a great leave in conditioner for brunettes, bringing out those muddy tones.

So if you are looking to spice up your look this Spring, why not head down to your local Rock Solid swamp to try out all theses natural mud based products - it will be a spa day you will never forget!