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HCX Sex and Relationships Survey Results #1: The Relationships

Disclaimer: All results were provided 100% anonymously with the option not to complete any questions that people felt uncomfortable answering. 

Last term, Her Campus Exeter launched our first ever Sex and Relationships Survey.With over 400 responses from our lovely readers, we felt that it was only right to share our findings. Each week, we will be revealing the most interesting results so keep your eyes peeled for plenty more to come. This week our focus is going to be on the relationship side of the survey.

According to our survey, Exeter is a rather loved-up university with 46.7 % of people saying that they were in a relationship.  Furthermore, 70 % of those said they met their loved ones at university. Watch out Durham, looks like we are closely behind you in terms of romance. When looking for a partner, the majority of those surveyed said they chose personality (63.4 %) over looks (17.5 %), proving once more that we have our heads screwed on when it comes to choosing partners. At the end of the day, you don’t only have to get to look at the person you fancy, but spend time with them so liking their personality is extremely important. Good looks are amazing, but HCX has found if someone has a cracking personality, they automatically become attractive.

Of the 400 people that responded to our survey, 13 % admitted to cheating on their partners while they were at university with 84% of those saying that if they did, they kept it a secret. However, there is hope with the majority of people in a relationship (87%) saying that they had not been unfaithful. Of course, this is a subjective one: what counts as cheating after, all? Unfortunately, it would appear that there is no clear answer to this. According to our survey, anything from sexting to full-on sex is considered cheating with the results being pretty even respectively. However, only 1.5 % would view flirting and texting as cheating. More investigation is needed, the jury is out on this one.

For all those singletons never fear, for all the relationships there were out there, there were just as many people embracing their single status- 44.7 % to be precise, which if HCX have done our maths right, equates to about 160 of the responses that we received. If you are a singleton who wants to feel a little less single for the night, head to Timepiece, where surprisingly 56 % believe is the best place to hook-up in Exeter. An area to stay clear of if hooking up is on the agenda is EX4: despite being Exeter’s closest thing to a strip club, only 0.5 % of those surveyed believed it a good place to hook-up.  On a night out, 64.6 % said that they had a one night stand, with 22.7 % indicating that they had initiated it themselves.

For more scandalous results, make sure you check out Her Campus next week where we will provide you with more of Exeter’s *anonymous* Sex Survey results!

Source: Her Campus Sex and Relationship Survey

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