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HCX’s Top 5 Survival Tips for Revising on Campus

Here at HCX, we know the revision period certainly is not one of the highlights of the year. However, we have found the perfect ways to help you breeze through those long days on campus and ace your exams!

1. Be inventive with your choice of study space

If you are not an early riser and facing forum hill every morning to snag a library seat is not your cup of tea, why not check out some of the lesser known study spaces on offer around campus. Often overlooked by undergrads, buildings such as the Old Library, Harrison or Queens have their own study and computer rooms, offering a number of seats. At the weekends, you could even go as a group and grab a seminar room in the Forum. The online group booking system is also a really great if you need to change locations, even for just an hour. For the more adventurous of you, why not venture further afield and spend a day on St. Luke’s Campus…

2. BYOC – Bring Your Own Caffeine

Scrap the tiresome queues and overpriced beverages in Exeter’s most-loved coffee establishments and bring your own teabags or coffee up to campus. Invest in a travel mug, or a flask for the more industrious brewer, and find your nearest kettle (try the kitchenette in the back of Activities and Volunteering in DH1). Just think – the money you will save can go straight to the post-exam party fund!

3. Packed lunches all the way

Cooking or preparing food ahead can sometimes feel like the last thing you want to be doing during the revision period, but it will definitely benefit you in the long run, especially if you get creative. With microwaves available across campus (they are there, I promise) the sky really is the limit for a variety of culinary options. You can enjoy hot food, from that extra portion of last night’s ‘spag bol’ to a cheeky slice of precooked pizza. Sometimes, comfort food really is what you need to get through a long shift on campus. This is also another potential life saver in the student loan department.

HCX Top Tip: remember to think of others – ensure your delicious meal is not too odorous, and make sure your Tupperware is microwavable!

4. Take regular breaks

Whether it is just the walk to the nearest kettle or microwave for a re-fuel, or exploring our beautiful green campus, breaks are essential for survival. If you are really struggling, for example finding yourself on your friend’s ex-boyfriend’s mate’s brother’s Facebook profile from 2009, you know you need to take a step back. A general rule of thumb is to take a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of studying, to ensure maximum revision success! On those tougher days, try phoning a friend from home for a quick catch up.

5. Have a study buddy

Do not go it alone – studying for lengthy times on campus can bring the best of us down quickly if you ride solo. A friendly face can really boost your mood and often save you from insanity. Studying alongside and taking revision breaks with a friend or housemate, even if they study a different subject, can really help.

Try some of these tips and you will be slaying studying on campus in no time. Good luck with those exams girlies!

Deputy Travel Editor 2015-2016 A third year geographer with constant wanderlust.
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