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HCX Review: The Czech Inn Hostel, Prague

When you step into the Czech Inn Hotel, it feels more like a luxury hotel than a hostel with its modern décor, free wifi, and attentive, friendly staff. Whilst offering the usual comfortable hostel dorm rooms, affordable private double rooms (starting at a steal, from just £28 per night) are also available, with luxuries including a spacious rain shower, safe, TV, kettle and chandelier.  

Although breakfast isn’t included in the room charge, it is definitely well worth the extra 150 CZK (roughly £4) Served from 8am to 12am down in the cellar, which turns into a bar after sun down, breakfast includes an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast bar to satisfy any traveller's appetite. Special mention needs to be made to the option of make your own pancakes!

Once you’ve torn yourself away from your plush room, Prague’s rich history and culture offer visitors lots to see. Located in an ideal location, a short distance from the city centre, the hostel has great access to a scenic tram route that runs directly through the city centre, old town, and then onwards to the breath-taking Prague Castle.

HCXTIP: While out sightseeing try a Trdlo, either drenched in chocolate or coated in sugar, this delicious local cinnamon treat is too good to miss!

Deputy Travel Editor 2015-2016 A third year geographer with constant wanderlust.
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