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HCX Luxury Hotel of the Week: Poseidon Mystery Island, Fiji

Let your mind run away and dream of a resort that is almost too amazing for words…


To begin the holiday, the resort’s private plane or boat meets you in Fiji to sweep you away to the Poseidon Mystery Island. Whether you’d prefer to spend your nights on land in the island villas or underwater in the undersea suites, the location is extraordinary.


As well all of the normal hotel amenities (plus little embellishments, like a Jacuzzi) this resort definitely adds something extraordinary to your stay. It has dining facilities both on-land and undersea and offers marine-focused spa treatments as well as meditation, a range of water sports and so much else.



The amazing suites are designed by U.S. submarines and constructed with 70% acrylic, which provides guests with amazing underwater panoramic views: If you want some privacy from the eyes of fish then you can change the windows to LCD screens. Also, guests have their own fish food dispensary systems to attract the fish to swim around their “pod”.



The island is approximately one mile long and is surrounded by a 5,000-acre unspoilt blue lagoon, which you can explore by using the resort’s luxury submarine whilst enjoying cocktails.



If you think this place is too incredible to exist, unfortunately, it currently is. The resort is still under development but fingers crossed for the future and keep an eye out for when this dream becomes reality!


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