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HCX Investigates: Exeter Election Candidates

The General Election is only a few months away, and hopefully you’ve all registered to vote by now so you can have your voice heard! If you’ll be voting in Exeter this year it’s important you do your research on the local candidates and what they stand for, so you really know who and what you’re voting for. Her Campus Exeter will be featuring profiles of as many of the candidates as possible in the coming weeks to help you make an informed decision, and we’re kicking off our election coverage with a brief outline of the main runners.



Labour – Ben Bradshaw



Ben Bradshaw has held the seat for Exeter every year since his first victory in 1996. 


“In his time as Exeter’s MP Ben has been instrumental in getting the Meteorological Office to move here from Bracknell, bringing secure well paid jobs to Exeter and many business and educational spin-offs. He also helped ensure one of two new medical schools in England was established in Exeter and he helped secure the investment to build Exeter’s five new high schools in place of the dilapidated schools that preceded them.”


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Conservative – Dom Morris



A fourth generation West Country farmer, Dom Morris claims to be sick of career politicians and says he will do all he can to help Exeter.


“1. I will always put Exeter FIRST – before my party or myself.

2. I will be positive – politics shouldn’t be about attacking people but trying to make a difference to the lives of people in Exeter.

3. I will be straight with you – people want the truth, not easy slogans and empty promises.

4. I will be available – people must have easy access to their MP.I will have weekly surgeries and hold public meetings on a

regular basis.”


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Liberal Democrats – Joel Mason



Joel is one of our very own, a fourth-year Exeter university student studying Philosophy and Political Economy.


“I’m thrilled to be selected to be the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate. Exeter needs a clear voice of sensible, centre politics. I stand on exactly the issues that most people stand on – fairness, jobs, the NHS, keeping taxes down for the low-paid and building a society where everyone looks out for everyone else. Liberal Democrats believe in freedom and fairness, and I’m here to make sure that the things we all believe in take centre stage at this election”.


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Green – Diana Moore



Hoping to gain a seat for the Green party is Diana Moore who wants to help give Exeter a sustainable future.


“I’ve lived in Exeter for almost 13 years – and can’t think of a better place to bring up my daughters. Like all parents we worry about their future and the world they’ll grow up in. The way we run our economy and use resources means that if everyone in the world lived as we do in the South West we need 3 planets to support us.”


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Alice Calder is in her fourth year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Exeter. She spent her third year studying abroad at the University of Southern Mississippi where she fell in love with all things Deep South. After interning in Washington DC for the summer Alice's love of politics grew and developed into her career ambition. Aside from politics she likes music, exploring the great outdoors, and enjoying food in every possible form. 
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