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HCX Campus Cutie: Stephen Strickland

This week’s HCX Campus Cutie is 3rd year English Lit student Stephen Strickland. Although this laid-back cutie is currently loved up and preparing to graduate, we caught up with him to chat about his time at Exeter, his love for a night out (who said 3rd years were boring?!), and how he impresses the ladies…                               

Name: Stephen Strickland 

Year:  3

Course: English Literature

Relationship Status: Taken


So Stephen…first and foremost, what is your favourite night out in Exeter?

It would have to be a Thursday night out in Arena – it’s unbeatable.


We agree. Arena is defintely a personal favourite of ours. So in terms of a night out with a special someone, what would be your ideal date?

I’m a big fan of active dates,like going ice skating or something, and then back home to chill out with dinner and a film.  


Sounds ideal to us! Ice-skating is defintely going on our list of future dates now! How do you feel about chat up lines? What is your best one?

‘You look familiar, were we ever in a class together?’ [answers no] ‘Hmmm… I could have sworn we had chemistry.’


That may be cheesey but we quite enjoyed that one! Now for the all important question: Who is your celebrity crush?

Young Jennifer Aniston combined with Emma Stone. That’s the dream…


That does sound like a winning combination! Coming back to reality for a second though, we have to finally ask…what has been your most embarrassing moment at uni so far?

I was once in a seminar about a book set in 1960’s India, I hadn’t read it but nevertheless tried to elaborately blag my way through a question by talking about how calling centres affected the story. I didn’t go very well…  


Oh dear! We’re sure you managed to pull it off though Stephen…


Courtney Clarke is a junior at North Carolina State University. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in accounting. In her spare time she likes to read novels, write poetry, and talk with friends and family. Her interests include health/well-being, fashion, and blogging.
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