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HCX Campus Cutie: Scott Reddington

This week’s campus cutie goes to everyone’s favourite ginger Scott Reddington (I’m sorry I mean strawberry blonde…)

Scott is a 3rd year Sport and Exercise Sciences student with a unique ability to make people cry with laughter. Scott puts in the graft with the University’s lovely netballers by putting them through their paces in weekly fitness sessions, but despite his best efforts he hasn’t been able to snap one up for himself – remember Scott, girls don’t like burpees!

Anyway, HerCampus caught up with Scott this week in order to find out what it takes to tame this lion.

Hey Scott! How’s being a 3rd year treating you at the moment?

“Well, it’s obviously a pretty stressful time at the moment especially as it’s coming up to exams, but otherwise good –best year so far and I’m enjoying it”

Good, do you think you’d find it all less stressful if you were to have a lady by your side?

“Well that’s a difficult question, it depends on the lady to be honest (definite blushing). Thinking about it I do think I’d be pretty settled if I had the right woman by my side. Everyone loves a good cuddle at night and it’s definitely a great way to stay stress-free”

And have you ever come close to finding your perfect lady?

(laughs) “I haven’t found the right girl yet Ashleigh so when I find her I’ll let you know”

Great I look forward to hearing about any breakthroughs! So describe this perfect lady in three words:

“Three words right; urm, funny, strong-minded and interesting”

So if you were to spot this perfect lady what would be your pick-up line of choice?

“Oh God, well to be honest I don’t normally use pick-up lines. I normally just find talking to them is the best pick-up line, showing genuine interest is probably the best way to do it. Other than that probably, ‘do you go to netball circuits?’” (laughter)

Oh of course, you’re the secret to all this EUNC success

“I love a netballer”

So if you did snap up a lovely netballer what would you do to wow her on a first date?

“An ideal first date…A good question. I do enjoy my wine so, going out for a nice wine and maybe some food but nothing too posh or fancy just get to know each-other a bit and then who knows…”

The possibilities are endless. I can think of a lot of girls who’d love the sound of that; so for all those girls who are now obviously dying for a first date with you, what would they have to do to charm you?

“All they’d have to do is be themselves, know how to let their hair down and definitely not take themselves too seriously – arrogance isn’t attractive”

Telling ladies to be themselves is sometimes easier said than done, especially with a handsome chap like yourself. So for the ladies that think they may fit the bill, where would they be most likely to find you?

“Well, I’ve been known to pop up at the occasional TP but I’d say your safest bet would be a coffee shop in town most likely Café Artiagano or Boston Tea Party.

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