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HCX Campus Cutie: Lauren Caffyn

Here at Her Campus Exeter, we’re spicing things up for Christmas. Ditch the boys, we’re all about Girl Power! She’s sassy, funny and gorgeous, the ultimate WCW, so why not give this a read and join us in our female empowerment…

Name: Lauren Caffyn

Course: Drama

Year: Second

Relationship status: In a relationship


Dogs or Cats?

Ew as if cats?! Definitely dogs

Favourite Colour?


What do you dislike most about your degree?


Anything cool you’ve done recently?

I got an extra chocolate bar out of the vending machine!! Absolute dream

Celeb Crush?

Phillip Schofield…no judgements please

Favourite Christmas Song?

Going to go pretty stereo-typical and say Michael Buble ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’

Favourite Takeaway?

It’s between Chinese, fish and chips, or pizza. So pretty much any takeaway you could get

Night in or posh meal out?

Night in as long as there was still lots of food

Real Christmas tree or fake?

Umm real of course?


Thanks, Lauren, for that insight into your life. What a cutie!

I'm Lucy Tillott, a 19 year old Liberal Arts student at the University of Exeter, but am originally from Birmingham. I am studying English and Politics and love getting into debates, which is probably why I am the Current Affairs editor of the Exeter chapter of HerCampus. I was a writer for the current affairs section of HerCampus last year, and loved the opportunity to write every week, make friends, and involve myself in the comradery of HerCampus. I hope to be heavily involved with the thriving community of Exeter HerCampus while sparking an interest in current affairs in our readers.
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