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HCX Campus Cutie: Joe Satt

You’re in luck gals, We’ve got an absolute gem for you this week.

Joe plays for the 2s and is the ex-social sec of Rugby Union, following a controversial first few weeks in command.

He’s feeling a little dizzy after a blow to the head, and is looking for an absolute babe to snuggle and watch gossip girl with while he recovers.

HerCampus is here to give you the run down in how to find your way into this Rugby boy’s heart!



Hey Joe! How are you feeling about your incredible Varsity win the other week?

“Hi! It was a great win for the boys and an awesome game to watch. Everyone played incredibly well and it set the tone for the whole night!”


Good to hear! Speaking of ‘the boys’ is it true what they say about rugby lads, or are you all just teddy bears deep down?

“We do tend to get a bit of a bad rep… but you’d have to get close to find out what we’re really like…”


Ooh er… so how would you describe your perfect lady?

“She’s curvy, funny… and enjoys beer.”


What’s been your most successful pulling technique?

“Telling them I’ve pulled them before.”


No way…

“Yeah, it actually works!”


Crikey, and your worst?

“Pulling up my top.”


Girls don’t tend to go for that?



Interesting, so who’s your celeb man crush?

(Without hesitation) “Tom Hardy”.


And your perfect date scenario?

“Dominoes, film, then spoon.” (With Tom Hardy presumably)


Any turn offs?

“Arrogance… that, and horrifically drunk girls.”


Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind! So lastly where can we expect to find you?

“Probably at Legends corner.”


Oh the mystery…

(Only joking, its TP middle floor to the left of the bar… follow the smell of chunder and VK and look in the sea of blue and beige.)

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