HCX Campus Cutie: Aron Sarosi

Watch out, ladies! This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Exeter's third-year charmer Aron Sarosi. Hungarian ex-national player loves basketball, socialising with friends and is currently focused on finding a grad scheme in consultancy. Sounds like perfect boyfriend material, right?

Name: Aron Sarosi

Year: 3rd

Degree: Business & Management

Relationship Status: Single

Describe yourself in three words: Sporty, outgoing and tall

What is your ideal date? First having a drink in a bar together and then joining her/my friends and being social.

Who is your Celebrity Crush? Megan Fox - she has beautiful eyes, great body and a smart look.

If you only had one day left to live, what would you spend it doing? Skydiving and seeing my friends.

Do you do any sports? I used to play for the Hungarian National Basketball team and then for the University's basketball team. However, being third year, I had to give this up, but I am still doing it for fun.

What is your favourite night out? Phoenix on a Friday... so girls, you know where to find me.

What's your favourite chat up line? I don't usually need one cause you know if she wants to talk to you or not...but maybe 'Do you want to get a drink?'

Where would we normally find you in Exeter? In Costa in the morning, and in the afternoon everywhere apart from the library!


Quick Fire

Blonde or Brunette? Brunette

Mila Kunis or Margot Robbie? Mila Kunis (Staying true to the brunettes)

Takeaway or eat out? Eat out

Ram or Costa? Costa

Jack Wills or Hollister? Jack Wills