HCX Campus Celebrity: Sarah Scott

This week Her Campus had the pleasure of talking to, the New Vice President of Art Society, Sarah Scott.

Year: 2nd Year

Degree: English Literature

Firstly congratulations on your new committee role, why did you decide to go for Vice President?

I just wanted to get more involved in the society and really enjoy being on the committee. This year I have been the Print and Textiles Coordinator which I have really enjoyed. One evening a week members can be taught how to make a different crafts, so I am responsible for sourcing materials and planning the activity. It is a really nice way to do something fun with your friends as a break from studying and have something nice to take home with you at the end.

What has been the best thing you have made during a session?

It has to be the Tie-Dye T-shirts in summer, they were really fun to make.

Do the sessions always run smoothly?

Usually, although not to put people off coming but one time we may have had a small incident. We were teaching a Christmas candle making class, when the wax caught on fire and set the fire alarm off in Queens. Living on the Edge with Art Soc!

Do you have any plans for the society next year?

We would really like to arrange a few trips to different art galleries abroad. We have a trip to St. Ives every year which is always a success  so would be nice to provide more opportunities like this. Also help to integrate the art community of Exeter by becoming more involved with local events and artists.

Where can you be found in Exeter?

I love going out for cocktails and taking runs by the quay, but one of my favourite places is Tea on the Green. Any sunny day you’ll probably find me outside sipping Earl Grey in the sun!

Can you see yourself in any art related careers in the future?

I am not too sure but I’m quite interested in art and lifestyle coffee table books, so a career in publishing is a possibility.