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HCX Campus Celebrity: Livi Hartley

Here at HCX , we love to find out about good causes and the people that devote their time to them. We caught up with Livi Hartley, a third year History student and project leader for ActiviTeas for the Elderly as part of Exeter Student Volunteers (ESV). ActiviTeas for the Elderly organises different activities for the residents of a local sheltered housing centre for the elderly, also providing them with tea, cake and a chat.

Hi Livi! When did you join ESV and why?

I joined after Christmas last year. My timetable opened up quite a bit in term 2 and I wanted to spend that time doing something worthwhile, so I thought volunteering was the perfect thing. I was specifically really interested in working with the elderly after the AgeUK Christmas adverts about loneliness really hit me. And that’s how I got involved with ActiviTeas for the Elderly!

That’s so cool! How did you get the role of project leader and what do you have to do in that role?

I got the role of project leader because I volunteered with the group last year and so was nominated by the previous project leaders. Then I had to apply and was interviewed and then luckily was successful.

Amazing, and how can people get involved in ActiviTeas for the Elderly if they are interested?

People can get involved with the project through joining Exeter Student Volunteers for free through the Guild website. From there on you can put your name down for a number of great projects which vary from working with the elderly like mine does, working with children and even helping victims of human trafficking. It’s a great and varied society!

That definitely sounds like something worth looking into! Aside from your role in ESV, what else does third year hold for you?

Third year is obviously a big one for us all, and while I’d love to achieve a first if possible, I’m determined to be able to balance my studies, work, and social life. It’s all about working hard and playing hard, so I’m going to try not to slave away too much in the library in the months we have left. Also I’m really keen to get out and explore more of Devon while I still can.

Yep, it’s all about the balance. Finally, what’s your favourite thing about being a student at Exeter?
I love Exeter because it’s not a great pace of life here. I live in a small town back home near London and so Exeter is right in the middle – it’s not too small but also it’s not so vast and fast paced like London. Also, it helps that we’re surrounded by so much amazing countryside and the beach!
Thanks Livi, good luck with everything!
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