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HCX Campus Celebrity: Ben Thornley


This week HCX had the pleasure of chatting to our favourite shutterbug and third year student, Ben Thornley. When he isn’t busy snapping pictures at DSP or the Lemmy, you’ll probably catch him working on one of your socials, all while smashing his degree. Read on to find out more!


Name: Ben Thornley

Course: English Literature

Year: 3

What’s your favourite thing about event photography?

Getting to know committees and people at dinners – normally I’ll bump into them at a club night a few days later. I’ve become quite close to the BLS committee this year in particular.


What’s been your favourite event to work on?

Definitely Holi for Asian Society last year – it was my first time at that kind of event and the Ram garden had never looked so good.


What’s it like photographing a club night?

It’s fast-paced and definitely a challenge. If I’m stuck in the wrong place — in a corner or by the bar — it gets too busy to even have enough room to take a photo. I’ve had people pour champagne on my camera, but generally the students are not too much trouble and just out to have a fun night.


Quickfire Questions

Favourite club night? I have to say DSP because I work on it.


Favourite Restaurant? Wagamama


Favourite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Favourite TV show? Making a Murderer


How do you spend your weekends? Drinking coffee and editing Lemmy pictures. Once in a blue moon working on my course.


Drink of choice? Disarrono and coke.

Thanks for chatting with us Ben!

You can visit his website here.

I am the Editor for Culture here at Her Campus Exeter. I love long walks (to the fridge, of course), and binge watching chick flicks. Mean Girls is my favourite movie and I quote it way more frequently than I should. I am a second year Law student trying to adult but occasionally failing at it.
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