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HCX Campus Celebrity: Alex Woolley

This week’s campus celebrity is up and coming DJ for Our House, Alex Woolley (aka ‘Woolley’). We managed to catch him with his headphones off to ask him a few questions.


Name: Alex Woolley

Age: 19

Year: Second

Course: Philosophy


How did you first become interested in djing?

I first knew I was interested in djing as I always hogged the music played on iPods at house parties, and then when I started going out clubbing I figured, hey I’d like to do that…so I bought myself some decks and just started to teach myself.


How do you prepare for your set?

I usually prepare by making various playlists of stuff I’m enjoying at the moment. I try not to pre-plan too much…I usually have a rough idea of what I want to play and then just change it up on the night. Then I would probably have a couple of beers to loosen myself up before I start.


What’s the best thing about being behind the decks?

For me it’s showing other people the music that I love and hopefully allowing them to discover music they may have never heard before. I get very in the zone of the music but I also love to see the audience responding so well.


Who is your favourite artist right now?

He doesn’t actually make music but it’s a guy called Ben UFO who’s a specialist DJ and runs a record label, he has an enormous collection of music and every time I listen to his sets or radio show I always discover amazing music…definitely worth a listen.


What is your favourite night out in Exeter?

It’s got to be Our House at Cavern, no bias.


Where would be your dream place to perform?

I’d love to perform in the Panorama Bar in Berlin. I tried to go there when I was in Berlin last year but they wouldn’t let me in…bit awkward but I’d still love to DJ there.


Woolley will be playing the Easter DJ Showcase in the House and Disco room (Room 3) so make sure you go along!

Photo credit: Facebook

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