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Handbags at Dawn

As long as our chivalrous male counterparts have been dueling with ‘pistols at dawn’, us girls have always drawn claws hissing at each other behind the scenes. Our mothers definitely lied giving us the old; “Names can never hurt you” rubbish, as at this ripe adolescent age we know too well the sting of a cutting remark.

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that there’s a little bit of Regina George hidden in all of us. Getting down to a nit and grit session about she who broke the ‘girl code’ can be oddly therapeutic. I’m not talking about victimising your poor housemate because she accidently left the hob on… More like how the hell did those Fresh still manage to look hot when the social theme was clowns and I’m sorry… Missy over here totally didn’t deserve that essay extension as we all know she didn’t sleep in her own bed last night…

A little gossip never hurt anyone- it’s cleansing. The way I see it; just let it all out. So ladies, clutch your handbags at the ready. Once a week I’ll be delving into the world of what makes us felines tick and what really ticks us off.

Stay tuned!

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