A Guide to Clothes Layering

Post Christmas holiday blues are never helped by the cold and wet weather. Choosing what to wear so that you strike a balance between practical and fashionable can be a challenge. Layering at this time of year is essential as the weather can prove to be so unpredictable.

The constantly changing conditions mean that you have to be prepared for all possibilities come rain or shine. To achieve this, there are some essential items and accessories to invest in to create a successful layered look.

Layering need not involve thermals and unattractive vests but instead a range of lengths, textures and colours. Teaming a variety of materials together can create an exciting and individual look. However, equally colour blocking or material choices such as double denim can be striking.


Another layering option is ‘jackets on jackets’, a look sported by many fashion forward editors and models. This involves wearing a more fitted jacket or blazer and draping a larger, looser coat over the top.


Layering up garments that are different lengths can also create a successful look. Wearing a cropped jacket over a shirt, or a top of a longer length can create this.

Adding a scarf or statement jewelry can add more detail and a sense of layers, making a capsule wardrobe more versatile.

Different proportions and fits are also important so that your look isn’t too bulky, therefore don’t opt for too many loose or unstructured layers.


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