Freshen up in Fresher’s week with Rose Oil: Bulgaria’s Oldest Beauty Secret

With so many things going on in Fresher’s Week, it can be hard to keep up with our daily health and beauty routines, so by the end of the week we are often in need of a beauty SOS. Visiting Bulgaria in the summer offered a wonderful insight to some of the most beautiful specialities and traditions that make up the Bulgarian culture; rose oil being one of these. For many of us, the rose is widely used as a token of love and commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. However, in Bulgaria the rose is more than just a pretty flower. The Damask rose is steeped in the country’s history and culture through the production of rose oil, or more commonly known as rose otto: a "luxurious, natural essential oil" that for centuries has been a beauty staple for women worldwide.

The Bulgarian Rose Valley in Kazanlak is most famous for its oil production. For over 300 years its unique climate has provided the perfect condition for the Damask roses to blossom fully. Time is quite literally of the essence when it comes to harvesting. The blossoms are collected by hand at sunrise, when the oil yield is at its highest, then transported to the distilleries often using traditional horse and cart. Water is added and then the liquid is steam distilled twice to create a product 25% Rose Oil, and 75% Rose Water. With a number of beauty and healing properties it is no wonder this precious oil is so renowned in the world of cosmetics. It is an essential ingredient in creating that delicate yet evocative fragrance in some of the high-end cosmetics and perfumes; these include Coco by Channel, Addict by Dior and Flower by Kenzo.


So here are a few ways in which this precious oil that will make you the freshest Fresher on campus:

1. Softens and improves skin tone and texture.

For an easy way to relieve stress, why not try adding some rose water to a hot bath? By immersing yourself in the calm and fragrant aroma of the Bulgarian Rose Valley you'll be back to yourself in no time.

2. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

Add a few drops of rose water to your moisturiser or toner to refresh and soften your skin.

3. Refreshes and regenerates skin.

Rose is also a key ingredient used in Aromatherapy, blending well with other essential oils such as Jasmine and Lavender. Its soothing and moisturising properties create the perfect foundation for relaxation. So after the madness of fresher’s week why not treat yourself to a relaxing rose oil massage!

Should you find yourself in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, there are an abundance of rose oil boutiques such as Rose of Bulgaria and Alteya devoted to rose scented products, simply walking past the shop produces an aroma that will transport you to the Rose Valley. However a little closer to home you can easily find several cosmetic stores on Exeter high street where rose oil products are readily available. Why not try out these rose oil essentials from Boots to relax at the end of Fresher’s Week:

Champneys Spa Treatments Wild Rose Bathing Oil 75ml - £9.50 



Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Eye Cream 10ml - £13.50


Lanolips Rose Balm Everyday for Dry Hands & Nails 120ml - £9.50


Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil 30ml - £17.50



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