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Are you stuck for autumnal, Halloween-inspired dates this year? It’s often hard to think of affordable themed dates, so here are five student-friendly ideas to get you in that Halloween mood!  

1. Pumpkin Picking 

I feel like this is the ultimate Halloween date idea, and no date list would be complete without it! What could get you more in the Halloween spirit than wrapping up nice and warm and choosing your pumpkins together? You can also carve or paint them together afterwards. The insides are also good to bake with – try a pumpkin pie or a pumpkin soup! 

Exeter recommendation – The Jolly Pumpkin, Silverton  

2. Halloween Baking 

Why not try something a bit more creative with your partner this Halloween? There are so many easy, budget-friendly baking ideas to get you feeling spooky. Some of my favourites are candy apples, spooky biscuits, and cinnamon rolls. The list is endless, and you can decorate your creations together and even have a competition of whose looks or tastes the best!  

3. Ghost tour 

If you like more of a fright this Halloween, a ghost tour is perfect! Ghost tours tend to take place in the early hours of the evening and take you throughout the city, telling you about its ghostly history and legends. Tickets for ghost tours are often cheap or even free, and some even take place on Halloween itself to really get you in the spirit.  

Exeter recommendation – Ghosts & Legends Tour hosted by Red Coat Guided Tours

4. movie marathon 

This is a great date for those on a budget! Set up a blanket den in your living room and get cosy, ready for a night of your favourite spooky movies. You can combine this with baking together and eating your sweet treats or buying some snacks from the shop. Films like Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas are perfect if you don’t like horror, or classics like IT and The Shining if you like a good fright.  

5. Halloween cocktail night

This is a fun activity to do as a couple or in a wider group with friends. You can invite everyone over and attempt to make cocktails like Bloody Marys and Margaritas or try to create your own Halloween concoctions. These could be based on films, autumn colours or autumnal flavours. Even better, why not dress up and get everyone to bring a cocktail based on their costume, or if it’s just you and your partner, you could see what spooky creations you can make together? 

Abi Manley

Exeter '25

Hi, I'm Abi! I'm a Sociology student who loves reading, music and cooking.