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Fitness Freak: “Kettlercise”

Kettlercise was an absolute craze when it was first introduced to the health and fitness industry: “ONE KETTLE, ONE GOAL” was ringing in the ears of all gym-goers. However, more recently it might have been slightly overlooked – as the attendance indicated in the last class I went (it was a Saturday morning so I’ll let you all of)!

Admittedly, it does have some strange moves, with the ‘kettle swing’ being a common feature. But this class is great for working every muscle in the body, particularly those areas that us girls want to work on, to get amazing abs, a “Kim K” bum and toned legs.


The class is an intense 45 minute workout, the instructor switches the moves every 30-45 seconds. The constant change of move allows to you put in a high intensity effort for each move as you switch up the muscles that are being worked.


The best thing about Kettlercise is you can choose your kettle weight, so you can alter the intensity of the class and which weight you prefer to use for each move. However, although the change in weight isn’t as essential so you can stick with your kettlebell. I warn you, you might feel a strange connection to your kettlebell by the end of the class – you would have been through a lot together.

Having tried the majority of classes at the fitness class, my body lets me know which ones work the best. And by “letting me know”, I mean punishing me the next day with muscle soreness that nightmares are made of. Ok, I know this sounds like a negative but the more it hurts the next couple of days, it means it was an amazing workout!


In fact, I can’t think of a negative for this class. It caters for people of all abilities, with simple moves and you can choose your weight to match your workout goals. Not only that, it works all of the muscles in the body in a fun and dynamic way. “ONE KETTLE, ONE GOAL!” will be trending on social media before we know it!



I am a third year Sport and Exercise Science student at Exeter Uni. I have strong interests in nutrition and health. I keep fit by going to fitness classes and playing football and believe that exercise makes us feel great! I also run a healthy food blog via Instagram (@foodie_bee) and on the web (www.foodie--bee.blogspot.co.uk). Here I post articles to do with healthy eating on a student budget and current trends in the healthy food industry. In the future I hope to have a job involved with nutrition and helping people to live a healthy lifestyle.
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