Fashionable Festive Movie Moments

The end of term is in sight, and so let the countdown to the Christmas holidays commence! Unfortunately, for many of us, this coincides with the wrapping up of deadlines. But what better way to spend those well-deserved study breaks and to bring everyone together than indulge and be immersed in some feel-good Christmas films. What might not be the most obvious element are the wonderful fashion statements that abound in these movies. Here are just 3 of our top handpicked characters that can give us outfit inspiration for any festive occasion, be it a hectic day of Christmas shopping, a glamour filled society winter ball/ Christmas social, or a cozy night in complete with mulled wine or hot cocoa, blankets and gift wrapping.


3) Cameron Diaz in The Holiday (2006)


The Holiday is not merely a film that beautifully captures the blossoming of Christmas romance, it also shows just what can happen when we decide to take control of our lives and open ourselves up to a little adventure. Reminding us that Christmas is a magical, special time where anything is possible, even as the year comes to a close.

Costume designer Marlene Stewart pieced together Amanda Woods’ (Diaz) wardrobe to create an effortless and delicate look, peppered with pastels, soft knits and statement accessories. Her sleek daywear juxtaposed with her quintessentially cozy loungewear is a contrast we all can undoubtedly relate to.



Whether we’re pottering around our poorly heated flat/student house or frolicking through country manor fields with our dreamy book editor boyfriend (easily recreated on the grounds surrounding Reed Hall if you imagine hard enough), we can feel equally as comfortable and stylish whilst keeping the sentimental warmth of this film with us on the go.


2) Ellen Griswold in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989)


Christmas Vacation is a classic Christmas comedy, throughout which we follow the Griswold family on their quest to have the perfect family Christmas, with all its niceties and frustrations. It makes us long to be back at home celebrating among a grandfather’s drunken reminiscence, a cousin’s boisterous antics and mothers insisting we ‘shouldn’t have spent so much money on them!’.



Taking a more specific look at wardrobe, Ellen Griswold, played by Beverly D’Angelo and styled by Michael Kaplan, dons an air of re-vamped vintage glamour. It is not unfamiliar that such timeless statement pieces circulate year after year throughout the party season. Ellen presents this technique to us with a romantic, bell sleeved bloused paired with an emerald satin, pleated skirt of dreams. If Ellen can pull off this level of elegance at the other end of a rollercoaster family gathering, there is definitely hope for us throughout this seemingly endless slog of deadlines. We’ve got this!


1) Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street (1994)


Miracle on 34th Street takes place in the heart of New York City. Coles’ department store events director Elizabeth Walker along with her daughter Susan and good friend Bryan loyally defend Kris Kringle’s title of the real Santa. Reminding us to take time out from all the materialistic, consumerist hustle and bustle to focus on family, friends and having something or someone to believe in.


Not only does Susan Walker (played by one of our favourite child stars: Mara Wilson) capture our hearts with her mature, practical humor, she also has some killer sartorial choices on behalf of costume designer Kathy O’Rear to match her sassy personality. Throughout the film she sports classic peter pan collars, button up winter coats, and berets to perfection. O’Rear completes the looks with tartan prints, woolen tights and patent ‘doll’ shoes to create a look that would not seem out of place in 1960’s Mod Britain; a combination perfect for meandering around the library or working on an essay tucked away in the Glorious Art House Café.

These are just a handful among many other style gems to help us channel our festive spirit. We can carry around a piece of these films close to our hearts, wherever we go, by weaving them into our winter wardrobe.