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Fashion Society NYE Photo Shoot

New Year’s Eve is an evening for parties and summoning the courage for the new year. To celebrate this special event Exeter’s very own Fashion Society did a New Year’s themed Photo Shoot.

For this shoot glittery, smokey eyes was paired with vintage hair styles, curled or pinned. The clothes were taken straight from the 60s and 70s, with the boys wearing colourful suits and the girls embrasing vintage black, midlong dresses with towering heels.



The shoot was taken in a stunning old building with georgus decorations of garlands and metalic balloons. Crackers, confetti and balloons were thrown and even selfies were taken!

There are a huge variety of tranditions for New Years eve. People in Spain eat 12 grapes at midnight one at each stroke. In Latin America and Italy people choose to wear red underwear. One of the most interesting tradition is from Johannesburg in the 1990’s with people chucking old furniture out their windows and off balconies on New Year’s Eve! But the police forbid the tradition eventually. Dispite this, some old customs survived until today, though, in another form. In ancient Thailand, guns were fired to frighten off demons and in China, firecrackers routed the forces of darkness. Today Swiss people beat drums, and the North Americans sound sirens and party horns to bid the old year farewell.

So wherever you have celebrated New Year’s Eve, Her campus wishes you a happy new year and that enjoyed your countries traditions!



Hey:) I am a first year PPE student with a great passion for fashion and travelling.
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