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Faking It: the Quest for the Big O

We’ve all seen that scene in when Harry met Sally where Meg Ryan proves just how easy it is for a girl to fake her sexual enjoyment. For the majority of men, sex is a simple process. On average it takes 5 minutes for a man to reach his climax. As usual, women face a much more difficult task.

Of course there are some Wonder Women out there who can get the job done in 2-3 minutes. But these women are a small exception from a worldwide epidemic.

Recent studies show that a whopping 80% of women are faking their orgasms during sex. Porn has played a minor role in this astonishing figure, as it has placed a certain expectation that sex will have a girl screaming like she’s riding nemesis inferno at Thorpe Park while drunk.

Research shows that women are half as likely to come during casual sex, most likely due to not being completely comfortable and open with the person they’ve wound up in bed with. Single women are more inclined to fake it also because they don’t feel confident enough to tell the guy that what he’s doing isn’t ticking all/any of the boxes to bang out the big O. Sorry mate you’re about 10 cms north and that is my belly button.

But there is a reasoning behind faking it. 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm and sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes to reach your peak. If your bed friend isn’t getting your juices flowing, literally, faking an orgasm can get the experience over quickly as nothing turns a guy on more than believing he’s rocking your world when you’re actually planning what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow.

Our good friend alcohol also has to be mentioned. Although after a few vodka lemonades you probably feel a little frisky and horny, more women admitted to faking while drunk than sober. Since the beginning of time, alcohol has an effect that compels people to release their inner porn star. For one night only, you will transform into a sex goddess who orgasms multiple times in 30 minutes much to the delight of your only audience member.

The big error with faking your orgasms is that if you do it once, your man friend will think “jeez that was easy I’m obviously a sex wizard” and you will end up stuck in cycle of constant disappointment and low level guilt. If you wait too long, you’ll either have to tell him the truth and crush his ego or wait until you break up or one of you dies.

Women: enjoy sex too, don’t fake it.

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