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This week’s style blog is a bit of a re-cap over how much we have loved the nail art trends of the past year, and how you can use simple tools such as nail art pens to create your own designs and patterns.

One of our favourite brands would have to be Barry M… mainly due to the huge range of colours they sell and the fact that their nail varnish is affordable and that it lasts.

Nail effects have also been huge over the last year, including L’Oreal‘s Confetti Top Coat, which creates this cute spotted look, which works really well with pastel shades.


Next up is the fabulous nail art pen, which we at HCX have used for all sorts of purposes, including helping Exeter University Football Club promote their event with some fancy nail art:


The great thing is that you can create any design you want, as well as being really easy to use since most come with a nib and a brush so that you can choose which one you prefer…


Both Model’s Own and Barry M sell really good nail art pens, and you can get them in a variety of colours including black, pink, and white.



So enjoy, and get creative. Whether it’s glitter, nail effects, transfers or nail art pens, there’s plenty to choose from!


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