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Exeter Lad’s Opinion On…Romantic Gestures

It’s commonly thought that opinions on romantic gestures aren’t something to cross the gender divide: those who love them stay firmly on Venus and the mere thought of a romantic gesture is scorned on Mars. But is this really the case, or do our beloved Exeter Lads harbour a secret love of wooing their girls with roses and boxes of chocolate? Whilst it is certainly true that most of us ladies adore the occasional spontaneous dinner or bunch of flowers (boys reading this, do take note), do Exeter’s boys really know how to treat their girls to a romantic gesture, and do they even want to?! We thought this was one topic we’d better ask the boys about directly…

The first boy we asked seemed to be very much in favour of the occasional romantic gesture – surprise, surprise! He thinks that “a meaningful romantic gesture can be an exciting and caring way to show someone you really care” – and we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing quite like being taken out for dinner to your favourite restaurant or being surprised with your favourite flowers, but this boy has it right when he says a “meaningful” gesture is the best. A boy doing something, no matter how small, if he knows it is important can mean so much!

However, the next Exeter lad had a somewhat different opinion, thinking that “they’re a bit cringed and forced”.  Perhaps the classic male attitude?  I have to say I agree though: if it’s a forced gesture then it loses its touch. But he does raise an interesting point, ladies, when he thinks that “to be honest, there’s not one that exists that doesn’t have connections with a movie scene: they’ve all been done”.  So is this just us girls trying to live as though we starred in our very own Hollywood film? Maybe… But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

I had to ask this one whether his opinion was confined to girls he was seeing or whether it extended to girlfriends as well, and he came up with a very promising reply: “Romantic gestures for your girlfriend aren’t so bad. But if you’re just seeing someone it can come off a bit strong”. There is hope for this one yet – just don’t expect any romantic gestures until you manage to tie him down!  Having said that, I can easily understand his opinion: not only does it “come off a bit strong” but it really involves putting yourself out there, and that can be a big step. Whilst there are many, many fun parts to the start of a relationship and romantic gestures can be included in this, but it is certainly a great advantage of romantic gestures that they can keep a relationship alive.

When we asked our final Exeter Lad his opinion on romantic gestures, and specifically about whether they were forced or commercialised he came out with some very sensible comments! “I think romantic gestures are best done as a surprise, when the girl doesn’t know anything about it. Valentines’ day is a commercial venture, although ignoring it completely would be a mistake, so you’ve got to try and put your own spin on it”. I couldn’t had put it better myself! There’s no point in “doing the same thing because that’s what people do”: it’s your relationship, your romantic gestures should be something that reflect this individuality. Cheesy? Only a little bit but it’s true.

So for all you sceptics out there, you have no reason to be sceptical – there seems to be hope for romantic gestures amongst Exeter Lads! Whilst most girls don’t want or expect to be wooed daily, a bouquet of red roses or an intimate dinner goes down a treat every once in a while… As one of our boys said “romantic gestures keep the romance alive”.  Words to live your relationship by I think, no matter if you’re male or female

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