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Dilemmas of a Fresher

Freshers’ Week; the season of no parents, no vegetables and no bedtimes. Along with this comes the recurring debate about behaviour during these seven days of spontaneity and bedlam: to get straight down to it I’m talking boy meets girl!

For Adam there’s no question about it: the primate within beats its chest and scoring with the ladies leads to banter and admiration. However; for Eve however the lines have always been somewhat blurred and hazy. During my freshers week some girls would not even consider eye contact, let alone a kiss and quickly damned those happily hopping into bed with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Where’s the line? Is it better to remain T-Total with the opposite sex for a while to maintain your reputation? Am I allowed to flirt but not kiss? Or should it just be strictly no sleepovers?

The way see it is if I see a cute guy at the bar, bat my eyelashes, lure him over, have a chat, have a dance, spend the evening with him – am I then not allowed to give him a cheeky good night kiss? Surely that’s just unfairly leading him on – and out of everything I don’t want to get a reputation of being a tease. But then again why not wait a while? Build up my friendships, get to know my… Oh cr*p now he’s been snapped up by the pretty blonde joining Lacrosse club! I’m a moron.

I think this whole puzzle comes down to respect. Starting anything new in life be it university, nursery school or a career in later life you have to earn respect from your peers. It doesn’t come handed on a silver platter sadly.

So whilst you won’t gain much respect by wearing a neon flashing ‘open’ sign around your midriff, in no way does this mean you have to bear a chastity belt either. Find the balance (a good lesson for most aspects of Freshers week)! If Freshers is renowned for being the best week of a young adults life why can’t you let go and enjoy? We all know the saying, “you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince”. Well then, in that case I reckon you might as well get started!

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