Deliciously Ella's Scrumptious Story

This week is Powerful Women week here at Her Campus, and the list of female role models within the Health and Fitness section is endless. However, the Powerful Woman I have chosen to write about today is Ella Woodward – she is more commonly known as Deliciously Ella.

Deliciously Ella is an online food blog that has grown to have a following of over a million people. She has also released recipe books and opened up multiple deli’s in London. All her recipes are vegetarian, wheat and sugar free, and celebrate the brilliance of natural ingredients.

Ella’s blog was founded after her multiple health struggles that were severely impacting her daily life. She suffered from a condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome – a disorder that I suffer from myself and can positively say is not nice! She began experimenting with changes in her diet and logging them online. Not only did these changes drastically improve her symptoms, but also her mental state and ability to function.

Ella Woodward is a woman who was suffering from severe health problems, and by logging her journey, has ended up inspiring millions of people with both her cooking and her story. Going from being cut off from the world by her illness, she has built a career that has become a household name, including an app that features many of her recipes.

Deliciously Ella values “Natural, Simply and Honest” food that provides interesting and delicious ways to include fruit and vegetables into your diet, whilst cutting out any processed food and refined sugars. This kind of diet can have a huge impact on a person’s wellbeing and as seen in Ella’s case, can drastically improve serious health conditions. Her story is inspiring to many people suffering from chronic health conditions who feel like they have no hope - she has demonstrated the need for a better understanding for 'clean eating' and I am sure Deliciously Ella will simply continue to grow. 

To find out more about Deliciously Ella, head to her website: