Christmas jumper season has arrived, prepare yourselves!

With Christmas upon us, it’s time to get in the seasonal spirit and whip on that festive look-and by festive look, of course, we mean the tackiest Christmas jumpers we can find. Yep, that’s right, ‘tis the season to be tacky and boy do we have some fabulous options for you!!

With garish colours, bold clashing patterns, and textures you’d never dream of wearing, we’ve found a Christmas jumper selection better than a Fox’s biscuit selection box (there’s even a jumper designed for lucky couples). While we have some more demure, tasteful options too, if you do Christmas jumpers sensibly, you may want to look away now….

  1. Etsy: David Attenborough Christmas jumper, £46

David Attenborough is the essence of comfort and wholesomeness, so who better to display on your Christmas jumper. While it’s more of a pricey option, think how cosy and warm you’ll feel wrapped up in this hand knitted item, with the legend of David Attenborough looking back at you every time you look in the mirror and reminding you how cold it is outside…


2.  Next: Christmas Wrapping Paper Tunic, £28

Another look can be found in Next's ‘Christmas Wrapping Paper Tunic', because obvs all children want to grow up to be wrapping paper. Don’t be fooled by Next’s wholesome, family-oriented modelling scenarios though, as this not ‘quite a jumper, not quite a dress’ option could arguably be worn as either a jumper or cheeky mini-dress, depending on how wild you’re feeling.


3.  Topshop: Christmas Stag Pom Pom Jumper, £39

Topshop offers a more tasteful option with a neutral coloured jumper and sophisticated stag print. However, the colourful pompoms hanging off the stag’s antlers offer a good balance of tastefulness and tackiness-if you don't have at least one Christmas jumper with stuff hanging off of it, then you're doing Christmas jumpers wrong.

4. Etsy: Gin-gle All the Way, £18.99

Heading back to Estsy, here’s a punny ‘Gin-gle All the Way’ jumper, because nothing goes better together than Christmas and getting bevved.


5. Next: Grey Christmas Dog Fairisle Pattern Sweater, £30

Next offers another festive option with their Christmas dog prints and classic fairisle patterns-apparently nothing says Christmas like a romance between two sausage dogs.


6. ASOS: Boohoo Santa and elf two person Christmas jumper in multi, one size, £25

Christmas is all about togetherness and with this Christmas jumper you’ll be sure to never forget that...This one size jumper from Boohoo is designed specifically for the special someone in your life, romantic or platonic. What a great way to remind your loved ones that the greatest gift they could ever have is you!

7. Zara: Textured sweater with sequins £29.99

While not specifically described as a Christmas jumper, this green textured jumper from Zara gives off some serious Christmas tree vibes. With sparkles, sequins and a soft knit, this jumper is perfect for the festive season! Beware though, there is the potential to give off Grinch vibes too, like this kind of angry looking model...

8. ASOS: Charity Christmas jumper for ASOS Foundation, £22

Finally, continuing our more tasteful options, ASOS have designed a Christmas jumper for their charity, ASOS Foundation. For every jumper purchased, £5 is donated to the ASOS Foundation Charity, providing infrastructure, training and support to help disadvantaged young adults in the UK, India and Kenya gain skills in retail and technology.


While our list ends there, there are endless options available! Just Googling ‘ugly Christmas jumpers’ provides some interesting results with websites dedicated purely to the fashion statement- there’s even a whole day devoted to the trend, on the 21st of December (check it out here: )!

With Christmas soon upon us, what are you waiting for? The time has arrived to choose your festive look!