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Christmas and Cuffing Season: One’s Nice and the Other’s Naughty

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

As the unmistakable sights and sounds of Christmas has set in with frequent Christmas songs playing in shops, Santas and reindeers popping up and Christmas lights appearing all over town, we’re well and truly in the festive season. But all this comes with the pressures of cuffing season – a term referring to the need to find a relationship for the cold, winter months that typically ends during spring time, as the warmer months set in.

It’s very common for single people during this time of year, to experience an unspoken pressure that they must share the festive season with a special someone, or at least a satisfactory someone, typically found on a dating app. Now, if you want to participate in cuffing season, then that’s great and you do you!

However, cuffing season, which always takes place during the Christmas season, seems to symbolise a certain stigma that suggests being single is bad, especially during the Christmas period. However, cuffing season is honestly just another example of society’s anxiety of people being single during the festive season. As a result of this anxiety, it makes us lower our expectations in what we look for in a partner, and this isn’t even related to looks. What I mean, is that by lowering our expectations in a partner on a dating app, it means we’re more likely to overlook and disregard red flags because we don’t want to be left out in all the fun of cuffing season. So really we might actually be doing more damage to ourselves and our emotions by partaking in cuffing season. Also, it’s not great for our self-esteem and confidence when spring time comes along, and we’re left to pick up the pieces once cuffing season has ended. If you do choose to partake in Christmas season, remember to look after yourself and do only what you feel comfortable in doing.

The Christmas period is a great time to be both single and in a relationship. You should absolutely not feel the need to get into a relationship or even a situationship, just because the weather happens to be cold and that your friends are using dating apps like nobody’s business.

In fact, the Christmas period is a great time to be selfish and to do exactly what you want. If your friends and others all around you are getting themselves into relationships purely for cuffing season, then great for them. But if that’s not what you want to do, then that’s completely fine and you should not feel pressured into doing anything that you don’t want to do. This article is a reminder to take authority, be selfish and figure out what you want. If you want to take part in cuffing season then fantastic! If not, then don’t feel the pressure, and enjoy Christmas for what it is: spending time with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy the festive season, participate in cuffing season if you wish, and remember that a cozy blanket can keep you warm and give you comfort.

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