Can Casual Relationships Work?

Relationships are complicated, especially at university. The worst thing is having to define them, especially at the start – at what point does it go from being a casual hook-up to a ‘thing’? Lots of guys are scared to settle down and commit this early on in their lives, especially when 'top-top' Timepiece is calling every Wednesday. This results in casual, undefined relationships, or ‘tings’ as one friend once described them (you’re seeing each other, but it’s not quite yet a ‘thing’) and the exclusivity chat is brushed under the carpet.

Inevitably, these ‘tings’ can’t last forever and one of you is going to get hurt. Of course, as soon as you get close to someone and get into the routine of seeing each other it’s likely one of you is going to start wanting more. After a while you’re going to reach the stage where it can take one of two directions: become an official relationship or end altogether.

It’s important not to string it out for too long, especially if you don’t want it to turn into something serious. If, however, you’re looking to become an item, make sure you keep an open mind and remember to tell yourself that it is simply casual and not a relationship. That way, if he doesn’t feel the same way you’ll be able to move on more easily.

At the end of the day, casual relationships can work, so long as you define them as just that. But be careful, if you are looking for something more and you know he’s not interested then you’re probably better off without him anyway, so it might be worth thinking about ending it before you get hurt.

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