Campus Cutie: Lauren Castle

This week’s HCX Campus Cutie is the lovely Lauren Castle, a first year English with Study in North America student. When she isn’t indulging her serious talent for all things musical, she’s slaying her first year course and generally being the gorgeous person that she is!


Hi Lauren, we hear you're a dedicated singer-songwriter! How long has this been your passion?

I've been gigging and writing songs for about four years now, my nan and grandad always had a piano at their house, so playing instruments has always been a part of my life!

We've listened to some of your songs on Spotify and you sound brilliant! Is there anywhere you put new information or blogs that our readers can go and follow to keep up with you?

Thanks so much! I've just released a new track called "The Artist" which can be bought on iTunes and streamed on Spotify! I usually keep people posted about gigs and releases on my Facebook music page: Please give it a cheeky "like"!

Have you been doing any gigs in Exeter recently? And have you got anything planned in the near future?

I’ve done a couple of gigs in Exeter, mainly at The Old Firehouse-the pizza there is amazing! But it is always difficult starting in a new city, as most of my gigs have been in Bath and Bristol and surrounding towns!

In my gap year I also visited Nashville and NYC , and was luckily enough to perform there! The Blue Bird Café in Nashville is a performance that I'll never forget. I've done a lot of small festivals and always donate EP sales to the charities involved. I've perform with British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, British Red Cross and quite a few more too!

What advice would you give to someone hoping to start out in the music industry?

My advice is just to talk to everyone you meet at gigs; be friendly and get your name out there! Most of the opportunities that I've been lucky enough to have are through meeting and chatting to new people! Someone always knows someone!

So you're also doing a degree in English Literature, with a year abroad next year! Tell us a little about where you're going and how you're planning to keep up your music whilst you're there.

Yeah! So I'm on the English with study in North America course, and for the second year of my degree, I'm transferring to the university of Victoria in BC! I'm so excited, but nervous too! Luckily, my friend Izzy Johns has a place at the same Canadian university as me, being together will make things much more fun! I hope to perform when I'm there, I think there's some music societies that look fabulous!

And finally- what's your favourite thing to do to chill out in Exeter? (since you seem pretty busy juggling all the amazing things you're doing!)

Over the past couple of months I've loved chilling out and listening to live music at the battle of the bands, which was run by campus bands society! It was a great event, showed a lot of talent at Exeter Uni! And also I love heading to Exmouth beach with my flat mates, can't say no to a few ciders too! Also, Izzy and are obsessed with going to the cinema!


Thank you so much for chatting to us Lauren and good luck in Canada- we can't wait to hear more music from you!!