Campus Cutie: Izzy Hopkinson

This week HCX had the pleasure of chatting to Izzy Hopkinson, a flutist with a great taste in music.

Name: Izzy Hopkinson

Year: 2nd

Degree: History and Politics

Favourite place to eat on campus? 

Pieminster - I just can't get enough of those delicious pies (and mash of course!)

Best restaurant in Exeter?

One word: Firehouse. Need I say more?

Favourite spot to study in?

The ideal would be the pods in The Loft, but they're quite hard to get hold of, so you'll normally find me at a table in the library!

What would we find you doing on a Sunday afternoon in Exeter? 

Weather permitting, I love a walk by the river to the Quay with my friends. If it's cold and rainy I like to get cosy and watch a light-hearted film (HIgh Society's a favourite!)

Most stylish item of clothing this season, in your opinion?

With this current climate, I love to put a nice warm and woollen baggy jumper on

Favourite night out in Exeter?

I used to love the Magic Hatstand, so can''t wait for that to come back. It's something different, and you can't go wrong with funny hats and glitter galore!

You're a Concert Band flutist and publicity officer - what do you enjoy most about Concert Band and what is your favourite piece to play on the flute? 

I'm in love with playing my flute, and it sounds fantastic in an ensemble. My favourite piece this year so far would have to be 'The Swan (Carnival of the Animals)'. 

Next year you go to France to study abroad, what are you most looking forward to about this? 

The opportunity to meet new people from around the world, and embrace a new culture. Plus I love cheese and patisseries!

What is your current Spotify go-to playlist? 

Particularly when studying, I love a bit of 'Coffee Table Jazz'! Alternatively, if I'm going out I love to listen to those classic feet-tapper tunes everyone sings in the shower.

Finally, what do you love most about Exeter? 

I love the campus feel and its friendly nature; you always bump into somebody you know around the place!


Thanks for chatting with us, Izzy!