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Campus Cutie: Helen Packer

Her Campus Cutie

This week Her Campus are interviewing one of their own… cutie Travel Editor Helen Packer! 



Degree English Literature

Current TV show obsession My housemate and I just finished watching the whole of Stranger Things in about two days. We got really obsessed and now it’s finished I don’t know what to do with my life. I also started watching Black Mirror, but it’s too freaky to watch too often!

Favourite place to eat in Exeter I’m obsessed with the pizza at On the Waterfront, and think it’s a really nice restaurant. I also love Comida wraps when I’m on campus.

Best place you’ve visited I spent a few weeks volunteering in the Peruvian Amazon and it was amazing. I met Amazonian tribes and helped with a wildlife conservation project, so it was a really rewarding experience. Having the chance to experience South American culture by living with Peruvians was really cool.

Most daring thing you’ve done Probably hitchhiking from Torquay back to Exeter after a friend and I missed the last train home on a night out. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it, but I survived unscathed!!

Club you are most likely to be found in I’m definitely a dedicated Timepiece goer and that’s always my first choice! I also really like Phoenix when they have good events on.

Place you’re most keen to travel to  After watching the Olympics I really want to go to Rio de Janerio. It looks so scenic and seems like such a vibrant city.

Five things on your bucket list Go bungee jumping, get a tattoo, live abroad for a year, learn to ski and… graduate!

Favourite Instagram Hmm… probably ‘asos_anna’ because I really like her outfits and get fashion envy.

Favourite book  Wuthering Heights.

Thank you for the interview Helen – we’ll see you in Timepiece!


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