Campus Cutie: Grace Fergusson

This week's Her Campus Cutie is second year history student, salsa diva and all-round sweetheart, Grace Ferguson. Grace has recently knabbed herself her very own show on XPression FM, alongside Kerry Mann, so we decided to catch up with her and see exactly what it means to be a radio DJ... 

What made you want to get involved with the radio? 

Growing up, the radio was always on in the house so it's always been a big part of my life, so having the opportunity to have a go at it myself at Uni was such a great opportunity!

What's your show about?

I do the 14:00 a show alongside Kerry Mann, which is music focused. Each week we have a cover of the week, where we play a cover of a well known song in a different style or genre, as well as having a 30 minute alternative take over where we put the spotlight on a particular genre that we love.

What's your favourite thing about talking on the radio?

I think my favourite thing about talking on the radio is getting to just chat about my favourite bands and artists for 2 hours each week, and doing it alongside Kerry has been amazing in finding new artists that she loves

What are some of the challenges of hosting a radio show/student radio etc.

Once you've been trained, the technical side of having your own show isn't difficult, but it's really challenging when something goes wrong as you're live on air, so you do have to think on your feet!

Do you think you'd like to go in to something like radio in the future?

I'd love to maybe go into radio or something along those lines in the future, but we'll have to wait and see!

Quick fire questions:

Best place to relax in Exeter? The cathedral green on a sunny day

Best night out? Itchy feet (can't resist a jive)

Who would you like to see perform at the Lemon Grove? Daughter (they're amazing live)

Top tip for freshers? Get involved - societies are an amazing way to meet so many different people!