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Campus Cutie: Fergus Church

This week’s Campus Cutie is none other than Shotgun president and all-round superstar, Fergus Church. Whilst Fergus’s schedule is already jam-packed with being a 3rd year English student, being president of the second biggest musical theatre group on campus, and going to Cheesies, we decided to take up yet more of his time and find out more about his passion for the arts… 

What sparked your passion in musical theatre?

I was practically raised on movie musicals by my family. My sisters and I probably watched The Sound of Music and Calamity Jane every weekend for a majority of our formative years. I’ve always liked drama and music too, so combining them was just a natural progression!

What’s been your favourite part of being Shotgun president so far?

I’ve loved being a part of creating new experiences for our members and giving opportunities for people to perform, being a part of creative or production teams, and making friends. Being a part of the society has defined my uni experience so much.

What shows/events have you got have lined up for next term? Tell me a bit about them.

In Term 2 we have two original, student-written musicals towards the end of term, which is a new opportunity for members joint with our friends over at Theatre With Teeth, who are the gods of all student-written drama. One is called Psych, and is about an insanely strict and rule-obsessed private school, and the other is called Defrosted, about a man who cryogenically freezes himself when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but is woken up too early.

In Term 3, we are doing a production of Jason Robert Brown’s musical, The Last Five Years, which tells the story of a relationship with the man’s story told chronologically forward, and the woman’s told backwards, with them meeting in the middle. Our directors have some really different and inventive ideas for it, which we love at Shotgun.

As a third year student, what have been some of the highlights of your experience in Shotgun? What have been your favourite shows?

I was in the cast of Shotgun’s Rent in my first year and met all my current friends through doing the show – part of the reason I ran for President was because the society has defined my university experience so much so I think that would probably be a very general highlight of being part of Shotgun. Playing Rod in Avenue Q last year was also amazing as it was one of my dream roles. Who doesn’t love puppets singing about loud sex and porn? 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you hope to pursue musical theatre?

Hopefully living in London, working as a writer and owning more dogs and cats than one person can handle. I don’t think performing in musicals is my calling but I would love to write one!


Quick Fire Questions:

All time favourite musical? Into The Woods!

Dream role? Too many and they are all very lame. Jack in Into the Woods, Boq in Wicked and Belle in Beauty and the Beast (I can dream) are probably the top three.

Club night of choice? Cheesies. Sorry.

Which Hogwarts house are you? Ravenclaw and proud to the extent where it’s slightly concerning.

What do you want to be when you’re older? A screenwriter.


Thanks for chatting to us, Fergus – we’ll see you at Cheesies!

20 year old Liberal Arts student at the University of Exeter
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