Campus Celebrity: Tom Bunce

This week’s Campus Celebrity is none other than Snowsports social sec Tom Bunce. Tom is a second year student studying Biochemistry. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have undoubtably seen the work of Snowsports - from your Facebook newsfeed being filled with ski trip pictures to the ski slope on Forum hill.

We had a little chat with Tom about what Snowsports does and why you might want to join...


What does your role as Snowsports social sec entail?

I organise the socials run by the club. We’re fairly different to other clubs in that we are so large and the majority of our members do not compete weekly. This results in our massive thousand person socials for our big events.

What has your highlight been out of all the ski trips?

Difficult to say really, with many hilarious moments that aren’t all suitable to be retold. It would probably have to be our last trip to Val Thorens, at the mountain meal. We had a lie band playing at the end and the atmosphere was electric after a little wine consumption.

Why should someone join Snowsports?

If they’re interested in competing or coming on one of the ski trips, or just up for some good times!

What’s the next Snowsports event that people need to go to?

The next big event is definitely our next ski trip launch. Thursday 2nd February at Timepiece with an Après masquerade theme.


Quickfire questions:

Favourite Exeter nightclub? Timepiece

Favourite food? Tzatziki

Favourite song? Mr Brightside by The Killers

Go-to dance move? Dad dancing