Campus Celebrity: Psysoc Presidents!

Name: Emily Hughes

Year: Third

Subject : Psychology

Favourite club: Arena (or Unit 1)

Drink of choice: Vodka Cranberry with a bit of lime sometimes

Funny night out story: I threw up on the street and old men clapped at me and said don't worry darling you'll learn

Best psysoc social: Spring formal 2015

Thing you're excited about for this coming year: Excited about Prague and graduating (its all over)

Fun fact about yourself:  umm I really like cats


Name: Tom Ovett 

Year: Third

Subject: Psychology

Favourite club: Arena

Drink of choice: Long Island Iced Tea

Funny night out story: I wandered into the excluded fire barrier at Halloween and the firemen had to bring me back

Best psysoc social: Spring formal 2015, it was Alice in Wonderland themed

Thing you're excited about for this coming year:I'm excited for the upcoming Prague trip this year

Fun fact about yourself: I got kidnapped in Thailand but survived!