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Campus Celebrity: Man Yee Woo

As president of Exeter’s Fashion Society and with her own popular YouTube channel, Man Yee Woo is surely a fashion icon in the making, making her the perfect candidate for this week’s Campus Celebrity. With the upcoming fashion soc fashion show tonight, the 5th of March, Man Yee is here to tell us why we should not only put it in our diaries, but why we should boldly underline it in pink highlighter, draw tiny stars and hearts around it, and sprinkle it with SO MUCH GLITTER, to make sure we don’t miss out on one of the hottest and most charitable events of this term.  We also asked her some questions about her own fashion interests and all those details that will be making us want to join the society asap.


1.      What is your favourite aspect of being president of the fashion society?

Meeting lots of new friends and having a great amount of responsibility!


2.      Does the fashion society have any special events or socials coming up that we can go to?

We have our annual Charity Fashion show coming up on Sunday the 5th March in The Great Hall at 7pm – You can be fashionably late, but you’ll miss out on the complementary drinks, haha!

Other than the Fashion Show this Sunday, we will also be having our AGM in early March as well as a second-hand clothes sale. We hosted our first ever second-hand clothes sale last term and it was such a success that we decided to run it again on Friday 17th March as part of the Go Green week!


3.      What should we be expecting from the upcoming fashion show?

We have four different themed cat walks, including Spring, Minimalist, Evening party wear and a special take on Sustainable Fashion planned, with clothes sponsored by Sancho’s Dress! There will also be some special performances including a performance from the Dance Society, as well as a photo booth for everyone to take some amazing snapshots of their fabulous evening outfits in.

4.      What’s your favourite season for fashion and why?

It would definitely have to be Spring – the transition from the cold to warm weather means that I can play around with layering my outfits a lot more and accessorising.


5.      Do you have any favourite current or up-and-coming designers?

Guilty to say that I’m not always up to date with new and emerging designers, but a couple that have caught my eyes at the moment are Nina Tiari are Evgeniia Shalimova, so definitely check them out.  But, Jason Wu, has been my favourite ever since he was in the spotlight for Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress in 2008

6.      Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you could never throw away?

I knitted my first ever item of clothing over the Christmas holidays – it’s a woollen roll neck jumper in dark red. I did it whilst binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, haha. The jumper is super thick and soft and keeps me extremely warm too! I don’t think I could ever throw it away given how many hours I put into it and I can definitely see myself still wearing it in five years.


7.      Who is your personal fashion icon living or dead?

Jenn Im from clothesencounters on YouTube! She’s one of my inspirations for making outfit videos on fashion alongside my own DIY fashion videos-she can literally wear a binbag and she’ll still look badass.

Check out my YouTube channel here: YouTube.com/mightymannie

8.      Given the fashion show is being held just before Body Awareness Week, what are your thought on the representation of models of all shapes and sizes in the fashion industry. Would you like to see more diversity?

I think a lot of improvements are yet to be made in the fashion industry. I would definitely like to see more diversity in this industry as we should all understand that the ideal/healthy body shape isn’t just what we see on the catwalks and in our magazines. This is why in our Charity Fashion Show we have chosen models depending on their cat walking skills only!


9.      What is your favourite Exeter Uni event to get all dressed up for?

Am I allowed to be biased and say it’s the Annual Fashion Show…? I’ve been involved in it since my first year in Exeter, so it will always be my favourite! The Diversity Ball is a lovely excuse to get dressed up as well though- I haven’t decided what dress to wear yet but I am very excited for it!


Find details on how to get your hands on those all-important tickets on the fashion show facebook page (link below):



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