Campus Celebrity: Katalina Karamani

This week Her Campus caught up with Katalina Karamani, a social butterfuly who is involved with just about everything on campus. Recently elected VP Weflare and Diversity for 2017-18, Kat has a lot of great ideas about the future of Exeter, pledging for things such as two week January exams, a nap room, and self-defence classes. She is basically an over-committed psychology student who is just not yet ready to leave... 

What do you like most about Exeter?

How beautiful it is and all the opportunities that the uni has!

How has your experience of DVP Wellbeing been? What are you most proud of?

It’s been pretty decent thanks, it’s been cool meeting loads of people I probably wouldn’t have got into contact with otherwise. I’m most proud that self-defence classes should be coming soon!

What inspired you to run for VP Welfare & Diversity? What sorts of things do you hope to change?

I come from a diverse background myself so want to ensure that no one feels victimised due to their race, religion or anything else. I also care so much about welfare! I got depression and mild anxiety in first year and it changed my life so I would do anything to ensure there are things available to students suffering.

What other things are you involved with in the Uni?

I'm involved with quite a few things: Liberation council, Ultimate frisbee, Social sec at Exeposé, Just love team member,  PsySoc, and I even ran the Amsterdam marathon with RAG!

Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start back in First Year?

Not really actually, my first year was great and I’ve learnt so much from it!

Quick fire questions:

Club night of choice? DSP/Thursday arena What would your patronus be? Probably Giraffe - tend to be community-minded and reliable! Dream holiday destination? Australia Tea or coffee? Tea What do you want to be when you’re older? VP welfare & diversity!