Campus Celebrity: Jason Elward

This week HCX spoke to Law student and Treasurer of Bracton Law Society and Welsh Soc, Jason Elward.


Name: Jason Elward

Course: Law

Year: Third


So, you’re treasurer for Bracton Law Society and Welsh Soc, how busy does that keep you?

Being Treasurer for the BLS and Welsh Soc is extremely time consuming but also really rewarding. Although I occupy the same role for both societies, the variety between each society is quite vast and each responsibility comes with its own challenges.


How do you spend any free time that you get?

When I do manage to get some free time, I enjoy playing sports such as Touch Rugby for the Bracton Law Society and also socialising in the hallowed grounds of Arena and Lemmy.


How is it like playing for Bracton Law Society?

Intramural touch rugby is great and something I look forward to each week as it gives me an opportunity to break away from my academic and committee responsibilities which is a welcome relief. It’s pretty chilled and boils down to a group of friends having fun on a Saturday afternoon without the intensity of the BUCS competitiveness.


Favourite club and night out in Exeter?

My favourite club is definitely Arena and my favourite night would probably be Cheesy Tuesday simply because everyone belts out the 90s and 00s classics without the normal weird looks you’d get on any other night.


What do you plan to do after graduating?

At the moment, my plans after graduating are quite fluid and depends on the opportunities offered to me. In the near future, I hope to obtain a Training Contract and become a commercial solicitor but I have been thinking about taking a year out first to have a break from education and to be able to travel for a bit before I have career responsibilities.


What’s your favourite part about being treasurer?

My favourite part about being Treasurer is being able to work behind the scenes are organise things that make our members happy such as Stash, Law Balls and Sports. I find this a really rewarding part of my role as I not only get to experience the great opportunities we put on, but I get to see the progress of the event from its start to finish and understand the high level of effort that has gone into providing for our members.


Thanks a ton for chatting with us Jason, hope you have a great final year at Exeter!