Campus Celebrity: Jack Shaw-Pethers

This week's Campus Celebrity is Jack Shaw-Pethers, an Exeter competitor in Touch Rugby. keen biologist and soon-to-be South Florida resident!


Hi Jack! You just discovered you're heading to the University of South Florida for your Study Abroad Year, how excited are you?!

I'm ecstatic! I've always wanted to experience the East Coast of America as a native and getting to combine both studying and living in a completely new and foreign environment will be fantastic.

You're on the team for Touch Rugby, how do you balance your hectic Biology work life with a demanding time consuming sport?

Training for Touch is on weekends and often early mornings, which helps me get up and going for the day. 

Any study tips for managing a good work/social life balance?

An organised diary is a great place to start, so that you can make sure you use your time efficiently. Limiting those social media breaks also maximises efficiency and is something I've learnt the hard way!

As one of your Biology modules, you get to visit the Bahamas at the end of the year. What will you be doing there?

I'll be undertaking a coral reef field expedition where we will be analysing the change in habitat structure. We'll be snorkelling and identifying fish species and population too. 

That sounds incredible! How do you budget effectively so you can afford Study Abroad and field trips like this?

Always go for the three VK deal in the Lemmy - save yourself 50p! But seriously, keeping track of everything you're spending and always staying on top of Student Finance income means I'm prepared. 

When are you heading to South Florida? What are you most looking forward to?

I'm flying over in August. I'm most looking forward to the exotic weather (it's grey and raining outside as you ask me these questions) and trying my hand at a few American sports.

What will you miss about Exeter whilst you're gone?

The Lemmy. 

I can see you're a pretty big fan of the Lemmy... where else is your favourite clubbing spot in Exeter?

TP is great on a Friday night.

Favourite place for grub on campus?

I'm a big fan of curly fries and chicken bites in the Ram... can never go wrong with those. 

Last question, how does one become a BNOC (Big Name on Campus?)

I've never claimed to be a BNOC! But being friendly and approachable is a good way to be ... and the Lemmy's a great social hub! 


Thanks for chatting to us, Jack - see you in the Lemmy!