Campus Celebrity: George Simpson

This week's Campus Celebrity is second year English student, future Theatre With Teeth President, Gypsy producer and member of Cool Running society: George Simpson. With his finger in many pies, George is always busy organising, fundraising, directing and, when he has spare time, doing his degree. We decided to take a few minutes of his time to see what he's been up to and his plans for next year...

What sorts of things have you been involved with this year?

This year I have had the pleasure of being on the Theatre with Teeth committee as their Publicity Officer, both overseeing the publicity for each show and advertising any society events we may put on. Our social media reached the highest number of people ever this year.

I was also in Footlights’ The Producers at the Northcott. It was incredible to be a part of the largest show put on by the University.

Finally, I am now producing Footlights Term Three show, Gypsy. This means that I oversee all the organisation and logistics of the show, ensuring rehearsals are happening, set is being made, costumes sourced, all while ensuring everyone is happy!

What are your plans with Theatre With Teeth next year?

Theatre with Teeth puts on plays created by other students, both new writing, devised work and physical theatre. We managed to put on more shows this year than ever before. Recently, Anna Blackburn and I were chosen as Co-Artistic Directors for the society.

Putting on lots of shows this year was a massive achievement, but it became a nightmare to timetable with all the other plays by societies. For next year we plan on reducing the number of shows so that we can really care for each one and give it a bit more attention to ensure it is the best it can be. However alongside this we plan on doing regular workshops, from audition technique to a fun devising workshop all the way to photoshop tutorials for those interested in publicity. We hope this will attract people as it means you can be an active member of the society even if you don’t get into the show. 

What has it been like producing a Footlights show? What have been some of the biggest challenges?

Footlights has got a strong reputation behind them so filling these shoes has been a hard task. There are nearly 60 people involved from cast to crew to band, and this is difficult to manage at times. However, when things start to come together it really is a proud moment!

What has been your highlight of your second year?

I’ve loved my extra-curricular activities this year, but also my modules from the English half of my degree have been some my favourites so far. It’s definitely been a tough year with lots of pressure but this is what makes it all so exciting to me.

What are you most excited about for your final year?

I am very excited to get the new TWT structure in place and really set ourselves apart from the other theatre societies on campus. Anna and I have been best friends all year so getting to share the role with her is going to be so much fun!

Quick fire questions:

Favourite musical:  The Lion King

Dream job:  Model (it does say dream…)

Drink of choice: Strongbow Dark Fruits

Favourite song:  Symphony by Clean Bandit (at the moment)

Hogwarts house:  Hufflepuff

Thanks George, good luck next year!