Campus Celebrity: Chania Fox

This week's Campus Celebrity is our Travel Editor, Chania. When the second year student isn't busy with her english degree, she's jetting off across the globe! We caught up with Chania to discuss her travel experiences and time in Exeter. 

Where's the most exciting place you've travelled?

Sumatran Jungle in Indonesia was one of my favourite places - I got to see some Orangutans. Otherwise I love Africa!

Have you been travelling recently?

I just spent my Easter break learning Mandarin at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Do you have any exciting plans for summer?

I'll be travelling Thailand and surrounding countries (still choosing) in August! I'm booking my flights later this week!

What's on your travel bucket list?

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. And New Zealand. And Rome! And Pompeii! So many places!

What can't you live without when you're travelling?

An eye mask! It's super essential when you're in a hostel and people are turning the lights on and off throughout the night!

Favourite 'hidden gem' in Exeter?

I love walking along the river when it's sunny. Otherwise the old cemetery by St Johns is a peaceful spot. 

 Favourite place to relax in Exeter?

Definitely the Cathedral green, with a book in the sun!