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Best places to go for a Solo Date Around Exeter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

Why wait for someone else to take you on your dream date when you can just take yourself? With International Women’s Day this week, I’m going to give you some ideas of what you can do for a solo date around Exeter. 

killerton house

This gorgeous National Trust property is only a 30-minute bus ride away. Have a stroll around their expansive grounds, learn about the history of the house and treat yourself to some delicious cake and tea in their coffee shop. 

Donkey sanctuary

Why not hang out with some cute donkeys who are in the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth? Being with animals is always really relaxing and grounding. If the weather is nice, why not pack yourself a nice picnic and eat it with the donkeys!

Exmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Torquay (Basically any seaside town)

For cycling enthusiasts there are beautiful cycle trails to both Dawlish and Exmouth. Both routes are nice and flat and take around an hour. Soak up the views along the Exe estuary, and make sure to take plenty of pictures! You can definitely make a day trip out of Torquay and Exmouth – make sure to check out all the local charity shops for hidden gems! For those of you who are brave enough, feel free to take a dip in the sea… or maybe wait until it’s a bit warmer to do that!

Darts farm

Darts farm has so many activities from pick your own pumpkin in October to a maize maze in summer. Take a trip to this traditional West Country farm and re-connect with nature. Visit the animals, wind your way through the vegetable fields, or wildlife spot in the bird hide overlooking the wetlands. They also have a great farm shop so it’s the perfect place to buy some fresh fruits and veg to make a delicious meal at home.

Your House! 

Cook yourself a nice meal, put a film on, snuggle in your pyjamas, or do an at home facial! Maybe take the time to cook a more complicated meal that you’ve never got round to making. Or watch a film that’s always been on your to-watch list. Who says you can’t have solo dates in the comfort of your own home? Remember this is all about you, take some time for self-care and relaxation – you deserve it! 

Haowei Shi

Exeter '22

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