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An Alternative Halloween: Castles, Ghost Hunts and ‘Shocktober Fest’

The scariest night of the year… With Halloween on its way, HCX thought we’d prepare you for a night you won’t forget! Sticking to tradition we recommend that you try a Halloween ghost hunt in one of the many haunted castles in the UK or visit Tulley’s Shocktober Fest’s world famous Scream Park voted the ‘UK’s No.1 Halloween attraction’. Instead of staying in and seeing the endless amount of trick-or-treaters at your door; going to a Halloween party like last year that was a complete flop; or going out to your local club like any other night of the week; we suggest you visit one of these events for a Halloween to remember!

Haunted Rooms is perfect if you are looking for some paranormal activity. You can take part in Halloween ghost hunts in a range of different locations across the country! Whether you want to search for spirits in haunted locations, or choose to stay overnight in famous places as seen on Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’, there is bound to be some spooky happenings to keep you entertained… or screaming all night!

Margam Castle in Port Talbot in Wales is one of the many ghost hunt locations you can choose from. You can take part in an overnight ghost hunt in the huge haunted gothic castle; work alongside the paranormal team; attend medium and equipment workshops; and have your own time to explore the building. Who knows what you might find… or who will find you! A paranormal phenomenon has said to be so intense in the castle that guests have had to leave early. Could you handle the experience? Visitors have witnessed cold spots, doors opening and slamming shut, footsteps, whispering and even being pushed! The EMF readers have gone off the scale! Famous sightings include ‘Robert Scott’, a castle gamekeeper who was murdered. He has been spotted raging across the country park due to his anger against his unjust killing. Giggling children dressed in Victorian clothes have been spotted drifting in and out of the rooms…

Another Halloween ghost hunt not to be missed is in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, which has been showed on Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ and recently voted as having the most poltergeist activity in the UK! Formerly a court house and jail where men, women and children were punished and executed on the hangman’s noose for crimes that we wouldn’t think much of today, it is bound to be filled with unhappy wondering poltergeists and ghostly phenomena for you to encounter this Halloween! It is so haunted that the cleaning staff refuse to work alone. Sightings include a soldier, a Victorian man and an old lady – so we don’t blame them! Voices, moans and breathing have also been reported. People have sworn that they have been touched by a presence in the dark…creepy stuff! These are just some examples of the haunted venues on offer: take your pick and enjoy Halloween like never before…


Another recommendation from HCX if you are looking for something to give you goosebumps, is to travel to West Sussex’s ‘Tulleys World Famous Scream Park’ and take part in the ‘Shocktober Fest’: a theme park like no other that provides an interactive haunted adventure for you and your friends! The vast amount of immersive experiences that you can take part in will make your hair stand on end and give you shivers down your back…that is if you can handle what is on offer!

  • ‘Haunted Hayride’: exploring an abandoned back lot of the Tulleywood Film Studios
  • ‘Cellar Haunted House’: extreme darkness and claustrophobic surroundings filled with actors to scare you
  • ‘Wood Shock Rottin’ since ‘69’: an immersive haunted attraction based on a zombie aftermath
  • ‘Twisted Maze’: filled with clowns
  • or a journey into hell in ‘Hell-ements’

If this isn’t enough to keep you entertained this Halloween why not visit the ‘creepy cottage’, watch amazing performances in ‘cirque de shock’ or visit the ‘haunted funfair’? ‘Shocktober’ has a lot more to offer, but to get a real feel for it why don’t you go and see for yourselves? It is an event not to be missed!

So there is no reason for you to have an average, failed Halloween ever again. Enjoy one of our suggestions and have an unforgettable Halloween! 

Photo Credits: hauntedrooms.co.uk

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