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Regardless of whether you’re single, coupled up, seeing different people or part of the infamous phrase ‘it’s complicated’, everyone needs a bit of romance in their life. This is especially essential now, when self-care and your mental wellbeing is more important than ever. As term begins, it’s important to look after yourself and not get burnt out too quickly with all the stresses of life and uni, while getting back into the academic mindset. Below are a list of 7 romantic things you can do for yourself…take some notes!

1. Flowers

Buying yourself flowers is a classic romantic gesture. You don’t need to wait for other people or the guy that you’re seeing to buy you flowers, buy them yourself! They brighten up any room and are pretty to look at. A good trick I’ve found, is that if you put a 2p coin and ice into the vase with the flowers and water, this makes them last way over a week – so you can enjoy the full extent of the flowers!

2. Do nothing

It’s important to take some time out of your busy life filled with uni and other worries. So, put the list away, get the comfort food out and put your favourite movie or tv show on. Basically, do whatever makes you happy and content and eliminate all stress.

3. Self-care evening

Get some candles, face mask, new nail polish, moisturiser and put some music on for a self-care evening. You’ll sleep well when you’re relaxed and you’ll feel much better in the morning – good for the body and the soul too!

4. Buy yourself a gift

Buy yourself a gift as a treat – something that you really want or have been looking forward to buying. Whether it’s a book or a piece of jewellery, you need something as a treat. The longer the delivery, the better! It gives you more time to appreciate the treat you’ve bought yourself. This doesn’t have to be expensive (or it can be!), but something that gives you a little boost of happiness and confidence.

5. Take a walk

Take yourself for a walk and be at one with nature. Breathe in the fresh air and hear the birds sing. Take yourself out of a stressful environment and experience a healthier one. Listen to music or podcast and refresh your mind. Fresh air can do a lot of good for you, and can help you sleep better too.

6. Start your day with ‘me time’

It’s important to take time for yourself and start the day with ‘me time’. Do something that makes you happy. Even if it’s just 15 minutes where you have breakfast or have some coffee, while reading some affirmations and reviewing your goals for today.

7. Write positive notes

Write some positive notes to yourself and stick them all over your home. This will boost your spirit, making you smile and they will give you that feel-good feeling! These notes don’t have to be positive notes to yourself, they could be quotes, funny memories or even jokes.

It’s important to do some self-love and romantic things for yourself often, rather than just the once. It is so easy to get caught up in all the worries and stresses of life, but by doing some self-love and romantic things for yourself, you get to treat and look after yourself.

I'm the Sex and Relationships Editor for Exeter and a third year student studying Classical Studies and English with a passion for literature, art and film!
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