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6 Ways to Get Involved with RAG This Year

Raise and Give is the Exeter Guild´s student-run fundraising organisation, which offers students the opportunity to raise money through organising and participating in exciting challenges and charity events. Last year’s RAG challenges left students scattered around the globe in Jailbreak, racing through muddy obstacle courses in Rock Solid and even skydiving in association with Extreme Sports Channel UK. The highlight of all this excitement, however, was the £150,000 they were able to donate to charities such as Mind and Exeter Foodbank, who are working to make a real difference in our community.

This year, the student-chosen charities that RAG will be fundraising for are Exeter Leukaemia Fund and St Loye´s Foundation, which strive to battle cancer and transform the lives of the disabled and disadvantaged. Preparations are already underway for next year’s RAG calendar to raise as much money for these causes as possible!

So the reasons why you should get involved with RAG are pretty obvious – to travel, meet new people and embark on exciting adventures, all while fundraising for a worthy cause. But how can you make the most of these opportunities this year?


1. Become a ‘frep’

Even if you haven’t been at university for more than a couple of weeks, the role of Fresher’s Representative is still very much open to you. Working to advertise RAG events and spread the word to other first years is the perfect way to find your place in the society from the beginning of the year. In addition to getting behind-the-scenes insight and the chance to organise some of RAG’s events, it’s a great way to meet new friends from the other side of campus! 


2. Attend Freshers´ Week events

There are lots of things to get excited about during Freshers´ Week 2015. Events such as RAG’s 90s-themed pub crawl and a welcome banquet with the Harry Potter society (taking place in the pub which inspired J. K. Rowling’s Leaky Cauldron) will give you a taste of what the society is about, and there will even be a RAG tour of Exeter to acquaint freshers with their new home.


3. Sign up for an adventure

Events like Jailbreak and Lost – which involve either trying to get as far away from Exeter as possible or attempting to find the university again from a mysterious location – are definitely worth the hype. They are the perfect excuse to do some spontaneous travelling! Even within Exeter you can participate in events like Sleepeasy, spending a night on the streets to raise money for YMCA Exeter, and Survivors, where you’ll have to escape from zombies in an apocalypse-style race around town. There are also plenty of smaller events throughout the year, such as hitchhiking or racing through a muddy obstacle course. So, if you want to add a little adventure to your university routine, RAG will always have something for you. 


4. Nominate yourself for a challenge

In 2014, RAG´s Kilimanjaro climbers and Machu Picchu trekkers raised over £100,000 between them for Hope for Children and Worldwide Cancer Research, and their target for next year is over £250,000. Why not get in the RAG spirit by being sponsored to do something which will not only be a once in a lifetime experience while raising money for a really worthy cause? Nominations open towards the beginning of the year, so you’ll have months to gather donations by hosting events, having bake sales and gaining support from around the University. 


5. Help out within the university

If you’re not so much of a thrill-seeker, there are plenty of ways you can raise money without having to cover yourself in mud, jump out of a plane or even leave Exeter. Helping out with the RAG Christmas market or growing out your ‘stache for Movember are great ways to raise money for charity, and you can also take part in a host of fun-without-being-daunting events such as a spa day or RAG´s successful edition of ‘Take Me Out’ last year.


6. Make the most of the socials!

Of course, along with all of this fundraising, there will be a huge range of pub-crawls, weekly pub quizzes and themed social events (like last year’s fabulous Le Cirque Sombre). Events like these are the perfect way to get to know everyone in the society and make the most of your membership.


To keep up to date with the latest RAG events and updates, head to the RAG Facebook page, RAG Twitter page and visit the Freshers´ Fair stall on 19th September to have a chat about getting involved!

Esther is in her second year at the University of Exeter studying English Literature with Proficiency in Spanish. She is currently the Marketing Director for Her Campus Exeter and enjoys dancing, travelling, baking and exploring Exeter with her friends.
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