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6 Simple Halloween Make-up Looks

Trying to look really good for Halloween can end up being expensive once you’ve bought the creepy contact lenses and the full raggedy doll outfit. So instead make an impact with some gruesomely ghoulish face makeup and don a simple black outfit. We’ve taken a few ideas from Pinterest and tried them at home to suss out whether they are actually achievable with a home set of face paints.

The Classic Skull

This look is very easy to achieve and you don’t need to have too much skill or materials for that matter, only white and black face paint. Wear all black to make your face the focal point or if you really want to commit then you can always paint white bones onto the black clothing.

The Creepy Fake Smile

Again this is very simple but looks really effective and creepy if you do it right (note: leave enough room for all the teeth). Take your time in doing this and you can play around with it so that it covers the whole lower half of your face.

Half Day of the Dead Skull

So first of all it’s important to point out that the picture on the right is actually a painting hence why the lady looks so flawless. It’s an interesting look that might very well get you a few ‘what are you meant to be?’ questions all night so prepare yourself with witty answers. The detailing takes a steady hand and a fine brush which will probably get ruined with one accidental face rub. Maybe have a few practices before attempting this one.

The Queen of Hearts

Halloween doesn’t always have to mean scary, you could just go for a classic villain like the Queen of Hearts. This would work especially well as a duo if you had a friend who wanted to go as Alice. It’s very very simple to do and leaves you looking rather nice still if that’s anything you’re worried about. The costume may require a little more effort but it’ll be clear to people who you are.

Vampire Lips

These Vampire lips are perfect if you really are looking to spend absolutely minimal money on your costume. Plus they produce a better fang effect than having those awkward plastic teeth in your mouth. I created the look with face paint but lipstick and eyeliner blended with a lip brush would work just as well and probably last longer on your lips. Just be prepared to possibly spray paint your lips and drink all drinks through a straw.

The Geisha

Lastly if in doubt go as a Geisha. The makeup uses the exact same materials as all the other looks and still leaves you looking human. And there’s the added bonus that it’s a super simple look to do. 

For the Professionals

While attempting to recreate these Pinterest Halloween looks we came across many that looked incredible but frankly were impossible to attempt on a home scale. Here’s a heads up of what will only succeed if done by a professional makeup team.

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