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5 Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Having Sex

The word intimate to many means sex, just sex and simply nothing but sex. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are many other ways to get intimate rather than ‘doing the deed’.

  1. A long session of making-out: Making out does indeed have strong sexual connotations and this can sometimes prevent us from simply enjoying just a smooch the sofa. Sometimes after a long tiring day, sex can be the last thing you wanna be doing, burning around 100 calories per 25min session, it can be exhausting at the best of times. So a make out session can give you that little bit of spice you are looking for, without going to bed absolutely cream-crackered. Challenge your inner teenage girl and treat yourself to a classic snog.
  2. Massage: A massage is a fab way to give you and your partner some well deserved TLC. Nothing beats a good back, neck and shoulder massage and the relaxation that comes with. Adding some massage oil or body paint can give you that little bit extra by encouraging you to really unwind, but no pressure. It can be a fabulous way to end the day, going to bed chilled out and feeling closer to you partner can be simply the best.  So why not test your muscles in a different way before bed? Intimacy is bliss after all.
  3. Deep Convo’s: As obvious as it sounds, talking about your feelings together can really help solidify that connection. It can have negative connotations, as ‘can we talk?’ can cause panic and worry, but really it can be comforting, as being open and honest can make you feel real intimacy with your partner. Talking about our emotions is something we often shy away from, but it can bring you closer together and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t get me wrong, deep conversations aren’t always 100% positive, but talking about the negatives may not be the most enjoyable, but it strengthens your relationship and helps you move forward in the right direction together 😊
  4. Being Affectionate: I by no means imply snogging each others face off in the queue for Pret or getting really touchy feely on Forum Hill, but having little bits of public affection will do no harm. Holding hands on the way to town isn’t the height of intimacy but it really does enable that feeling of closeness. Putting your hand on your partners thigh when you are relaxing on the sofa or sat at a meal together is only a little something, but this ongoing affection and help intimacy in and out of the bedroom.
  5. Loving Yourself: This may not be the most obvious for intimacy with your partner, but loving yourself brings a sparkle that intimacy flourishes from. I cannot express how important it is to look after number one. In terms of intimacy it can make you more perceptible to love and affection from your partner. As the glow and smiles from self-love are simply priceless. Whether you choose to do this snuggling under a duvet and binge watching a Netflix series. Or getting to know your own body through self-exploration under the covers. You do you, whichever form of self-love brings you the most happiness, it will make intimacy with your partner that bit extra special.
Exeter Contributor 
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