5 Songs to Listen to Before an Exam

You’ve done as much last-minute cramming as you can, bid a nervy good-bye to your housemates and now you’re finally on the way to that dreaded Sports Hall. At times like these, you wish you had done more revision but there’s no use crying over time wasted learning all the lyrics to Formation instead of quotes for your Shakespeare exam.

The best thing you can do now is listen to some motivational music. If you walk into that exam feeling like a confident intellectual badass then you’re going to do a lot better than if you’re a nervous wreck. Here at HCX we have come up with 5 upbeat songs to put a smile on your face and give you some (perhaps misplaced) confidence

1. Flawless - Beyoncé

This song makes you feel like Queen Bey herself – pretty darn perfect. It’s the sassiest song to listen to as you hold your head high on your march down Pennsylvania Road. Plus the interlude from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie makes you want to boss this exam and do it for girls everywhere.

2. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross & The Supremes

It’s upbeat and makes you feel as sunny as our beautiful campus. Sure, it’s about a couple who are willing to stay together through thick and thin. But it could also be about the mahoosive mountain that is Forum Hill, and how even this obstacle cannot keep you from the exam you’re about to ace.

3. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Here’s a bit of perspective for you. Sure, the next 2 hours of your life might be horrendous (if the two topics you revised don’t come up then you may as well walk straight out of the exam). But if Gloria Gaynor can survive when her ex pretty much breaks into her house, then you can handle anything too, girl.

4. September - Earth, Wind & Fire

You may not think you know this song but you seriously do! It’s in almost every good 90s film and it’s an absolute banger. It will get you into a positive mindset and also get you ready for the drunken antics to come later.

5. Respect - Aretha Franklin

This song is 3 minutes of pure empowerment. Plus it makes you feel like Bridget Jones when she pars Daniel Cleaver in front of the whole office. Be prepared to put the ‘ass’ in ‘sass’ when you listen to this one.

Confidence is key when you’re doing exams. If you’ve done enough revision then an upbeat outlook will give your answers a boost and you might even become that friend of the group who has her life together and gets firsts. If you’ve hardly revised at all, then a positive perspective will help you to blag your way through. Either way, a sassy attitude will get you anywhere.